Review: Microsoft Xbox One

This review is based off of the current version of the Xbox One’s Operating system as of 1/30/14, OS version: 6.2.10217.0

Electronic Entertain Expo 2013 saw Microsoft unveil to the world their latest gaming console hardware. Following on the heels of Sony’s console announcement, the Xbox One was met with equal parts excitement and chagrin. On one hand you had the new console to carry on the Xbox branding with all the expected titles such as Dead Rising and Halo. Continue reading


Halo: Spartan Assault Review

This review is based on the Windows Phone 8 version running on a Verizon branded Nokia Lumia 928.

Halo: Spartan Assault is a twin-stick shooter for Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8. Ironically enough, at launch the game does not support input that utilizes analog sticks. Though, the Windows 8 version does support keyboard and mouse play. Spartan Assault is a game that is boasted as having a 2 hour campaign and carries along with it a price tag of $6.99. For the first month of release on Windows Phone 8 it is exclusive to Verizon in the United States. Everyone else in the world is able to get it as of the launch date. This leaves many users out of luck as AT&T is typically the carrier of choice for Windows Phone.
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The Regression of Video Games

Minecraft, a more casually oriented video game.

Video games are a curious thing. They bring people from different ethnicities, incomes, and geographical locations together to enjoy a single medium. They are much like music in that way. But video games suffer from high expectations of fans. You see, when a new album comes out, people enjoy it or hate it. If they like it, they have another group of songs to add to their playlists. If not, they still have all the earlier songs that are just as well now.
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A Letter to Fox News: Bulletstorm, The Worst Videogame

Dear Fox News,

           I have read your article on the multiplatform video game entitled ‘Bulletstorm’. I must say, it was a rather amusing article full of misquotes and asinine drivel. In it you ask if the aforementioned title is “the worst video game”. You build your argument on the basis that it is meant for children despite the fact that the ESRB has rated the game “Mature 17+”.
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Think EyeToy and Kinect are the Same? It’s More Likely Than You Think

           People seem to be getting the wrong idea about Xbox Kinect. Likening it to the PlayStation EyeToy, or in other words a standard web camera with a 640×480 pixel resolution. Well I am sorry to break it to you but you couldn’t be more wrong. What you are doing is comparing a Pinto to a Ferrari. Sure they are both cars, but not even in the same league, nor do they have accessories of quality close to each other. Let me give you a basic rundown of both.
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