Think EyeToy and Kinect are the Same? It’s More Likely Than You Think

           People seem to be getting the wrong idea about Xbox Kinect. Likening it to the PlayStation EyeToy, or in other words a standard web camera with a 640×480 pixel resolution. Well I am sorry to break it to you but you couldn’t be more wrong. What you are doing is comparing a Pinto to a Ferrari. Sure they are both cars, but not even in the same league, nor do they have accessories of quality close to each other. Let me give you a basic rundown of both.

-PlayStation EyeToy
640×480 pixel color camera
Twist-focus lens

This leaves the PlayStation EyeToy as a standard web camera.

-Xbox Kinect
640×480 pixel color camera
Auto-focus and zoom
Microphone array with 4 microphones
3D depth sensing using an infrared projector and CMOS sensor
Motorized base for up/down adjustments

           While the color camera aspect of Kinect and the PlayStation EyeToy are the same, that is where similarities end. The auto focus and zoom features allow the Kinect camera to dynamically track you as you walk about your room. In the middle of video chatting with a friend and need to move around? With auto zoom Kinect will keep your face in the frame at all time provided you don’t exit the field of vision of the camera.

           The microphone array consist of four mics placed in the sensor. They are used to input voice commands to the Xbox, and are places as such that it works from across the room. Background noise can also be actively canceled to provide a more responsive experience.

           With infrared projector and the black and white CMOS sensor, Kinect can accurately read how far you or an object is away from it. And by extension tell the height of an object. Whereas on a standard camera can distinguish distances and heights. By using the infrared spectrum Kinect can function and read movements in complete darkness whereas a a camera requires visible light.

           And finally, the icing on the cake if you will. The base of the sensor has an actuator that allows it ti look up and down. With this Kinect can auto-adjust, and find the correct angle at which to view your room for best control.


2 thoughts on “Think EyeToy and Kinect are the Same? It’s More Likely Than You Think

  1. Of course the hardware is different, but the core gameplay mechanics remain the same between the Eyetoy and Kinect devices. There’s no rebutting that much. So while you say both are in a league of their own, it’s actually quite the contrary.

    • Sure, if you drag out “core mechanics” to most broad of spectrums, that being “You use this to play games.” But doing so, all controllers, keyboards, mice, etc are all the same. But if you let “core mechanics” be something a bit more specific to “camera controls”, as in how many possible controls or there are (the equivalent of comparing a NES controller with four botton and a cross pad to say, a PS3 controller with two sticks, a crosspad, and 10/11 buttons), it is a horse of an entirely new breed.

      On a side note, it is nice to see someone who is able to make a well thought out with out “LOLOLOLOLFLAMEFLAMEUSOSTOOPID”.

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