Too Human Review

First thing is first. Throw out every “professional” review out there. Their points of view are based on the fact that this game has been in development since 1999 and was effectively in “Production Hell” until Microsoft saved its ass with a nice paycheck for exclusive rights to the game and sequels.

From my experience this is a very “niche” game. By that I mean this is a game for a certain group of people. Not everyone will like it and that is fine. If you enjoyed the point and click action of Diablo this will be a breath of fresh air.

Story: This game interprets Norse mythology in an interesting science-fiction world. The Gods are really just humans that have embraced nano-technology and have modified themselves with it. Where as the humans are completely oblivious to how they have their powers. The monsters are machines that are aptly named after several different mythological creatures. You have your Goblins and Trolls, Dark Elves and Undead. You are put into the role of the God Baldr AKA Baldur. It starts out you hunting a creature, Grndl-1 AKA Grendel, but after that the story evolves into much more. You may have to get used to the “Old English” interpretation of the dialogue but after you do it is great.

Gameplay: Too Human is a class based game. Luckily rather then the typical three choices you would normally receive in a game like this you get five. I will give you a rundown of the five.

1.Defender: Focuses on protection and staying alive so that he can kill the enemies.

2.Berserker: Typically has a light defense but a high attack.

3.Champion: The jack of all trades class.

4.Commando: Specializes in guns and explosives.

5.Bioengineer: The healing class of the game also the only one who can heal himself. The weakest of all five.

The standard melee combat is mapped to your right analog stick. Which ever way you press dictates the direction he swings. Using this stick in conjunction with the left analog stick you are able to pull of some devastating combos. However with the controls mapped to the stick you have to rely on an AI guided camera, which of course can sometimes be clunky. The camera does have one saving grace. With “UP” and “DOWN” on the cross pad you can change the camera from almost on is back to an isometric perspective. Your spells are mapped to “X” “Y” and “RB”, while the triggers are saved for primary and alt firing of your guns or cannons.

The loot system on this game is (once again) identical to Diablo’s in the respect that there is pretty much a never ending list of weapons, and there is ALWAYS something better then what you have.
Weapons and Armor are organized in the typical “Prefix”-Weapon Type-“Suffix” and the color of the text denotes the rarity.
I will use my chest armor as an example.

“Imperial”-Bodyplate Chestguard-“of The Cunning” Orange.

Elite items however do no have such things as they pretty mush use a fixed name. My sword for example.

-The Burning Blade at World’s Edge- Red.

I would also like to point out that the naming of these items is pretty amazing, and they will always be interesting. They also have dyes in to game so if you do not like the color of your armor or weapons you can change it.

This game will take you roughly 12 hours to complete. But the game offers many more hours if you want to collect the epic items or get the level 50 achievement.

The only thing that could have really made this better would have been a slightly longer story, and for all the “Licensed Reviews” to learn what a good fun game is.


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