Review: Microsoft Xbox One

This review is based off of the current version of the Xbox One’s Operating system as of 1/30/14, OS version: 6.2.10217.0

Electronic Entertain Expo 2013 saw Microsoft unveil to the world their latest gaming console hardware. Following on the heels of Sony’s console announcement, the Xbox One was met with equal parts excitement and chagrin. On one hand you had the new console to carry on the Xbox branding with all the expected titles such as Dead Rising and Halo. On the other the console was being touted as a connected console for a connected generation. Many saw this as nothing but a ploy for always on, online requiring DRM. But at the same time, the console was designed so that not only would you not be able to play your games if you lost connection from Xbox Live for over 24 hours, but you could not use it at all if you did not have access to a broadband connection. This would rule out most of the world as potential client base as broadband is still something only accessibly by the minority. And even for those that have it, it is sketchy as best for most. Fast forward today and we have a console that is like the initial unveil in appearance only. Got is the draconian DRM requirement. Everyone that purchased a launch console could play everything they want while not being connected to Xbox Live after an initial update, later released consoles come with the update pre-installed, removing that initial requirement all together. But how does the console that was originally envisioned as connected, all-in-one box hold up? Read on to find out.


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